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Relieve neck and back pain
Improve athletic performance
Higher energy level

Walk-ins Welcome

Why chiropractic?

You know what makes you feel better? Being healthy. And you know what helps to improve your health?

A visit to a chiropractor may be all that you need in order to relieve headaches, improve posture, relieve neck and back pain, or help you function optimally.
Meet our chiropractor Dr. Gannon Ward

Dr. Gannon Ward has been practicing chiropractic since 2008, when he graduated with a Doctor Of Chiropractic degree from The University Of Western States. He practiced as an associate chiropractor in Calgary, Alberta before opening his own wellness center in Cochrane, Alberta. Dr. Ward ran his successful family practice for 9 years before he decided to sell it, and move back to the USA where he worked as an independent contractor in Draper for 4 years.

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Dr. Gannon Ward

Benefits of Chiropractic sessions

Don't suffer another day — when you come visit us at Atmosphere Chiropractic & Wellness we'll work together on getting you operating at your full potential so that you can get back to living your life the way that it was meant to be lived.

  • Helps minimize migraines
  • Help neck-related headaches.
  • Improves your posture.
  • Reduces pain and improves range of motion
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Pricing options

No appointment necessary! Walk-ins welcome.
Initial exam (adjustment included)
Chiropractic appointment (20 minutes)
Starting at
$79.99 / month
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